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Hayalet gemili gölde heyecan dolu bir gün

Hayalet gemili gölde heyecan dolu bir gün

Bu resimde gördüğünüz kayalıklar aslında bir “hayalet gemi”yi oluşturan birer parça. Bize Crater Lake’i (Krater Gölü) gezdiren kaptanımız böyle tanıtıyor bu kayalıkları. Kim bilir bu kayalıklara Phantom Ship (Hayalet Gemi) ismini kimler takmış. Bu görüntüye bakınca pek de haksız sayılmazlar aslında. Bu manzarayı gördükten sonra gölün etrafında bir gece kamp yapmaya var mısınız?

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#divan #chocolate #thebest Amerika'dan Sedat Abi gecti! :) Sedat Bozkurt, my friend and colleague who I used to work with in Ankara and head of Fox Ankara Office, and I have always wanted to start this road trip together and in just one week we have been over ten cities in nine states in the North East America. My brother also joined us from Turkey for this trip. I visited my niece in DC who just came to the US for a summer class, and my cousin who is studying in Boston and the other relatives and friends on our way. In order to take advantage of this trip we also organized a panel discussion, so we could be able to meet more people and exchange opinions over Turkey as we organized two times in the past during the United Nations General Assembly meetings with Sedat Bozkurt. We had a great adventure and I am looking forward to do the same in the other parts of the country in the next years. Facebook hatirlatti! :) 6 yil once Ankara / Sudem #sudem

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