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New York sokaklarında bir kadın peşmerge

New York sokaklarında bir kadın peşmerge

UNESCO tarafından bu sene ikincisi verilen Global Umut Koalisyonu ödülünü almak için New York’a gelen kadın peşmerge Koçer Doski, üzerinde pesmerge üniforması ile meraklı bakışlar arasında New York sokaklarını gezdi. Continue reading


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#referendum #leylazana #secretarygeneral #unga Leyla Zana's letter to UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres about the referendum: "Kurds are one of the nations of the world that has been left without status and without a state. Kurds spent the last century going through genocide, Anfal, mass deportation, the denial of basic human rights and the politics of assimilation.

Contrary to the historical facts, the geography of Kurdistan was divided according to the interests of the sovereign (occupying) nations. When Kurds sought their rights, they faced the tyranny of those nations and became their targets.

Kurds have always been protectors of many cultures, ethnicities and religions and never committed crimes against anybody based on language or religion. Despite the fact that they faced such hardship, they have always patiently protected their innocence.

Kurds have made great sacrifices against the ISIS barbarians and paid a dear price. Kurds have battled against those barbarians, both to protect their own existence and to protect the dignity of humanity. Today, the people of Kurdistan are holding a referendum for their legitimate rights.

Kurdish people are holding this referendum in order to let the rest of the world know their aspirations. They are exercising their peaceful and democratic rights. This democratic decision should be left to the will of the Kurdish people and it should be recognized as their legitimate right.

When it comes to Kurds, some states leave their problems and differences aside and say "We do not like you. We are not with you." The time for these statements has passed.

When a society with dignity rejects slavery, they do not wait for their neighbors' acceptance or confirmation. Southern Kurdistan's request for their legitimate rights should not be seen as an encroachment upon the rights of the neighboring states. The referendum should not be seen as an internal security problem for a state (Iraq), either. The neighboring states ought to know their limits and should act with restraint. They should not use threatening language, but rather should act responsibly, in light of Kurdistan's legitimate right. +++ #rudaw #barzani #kurds #referandum #turkey Uzun suredir memleketi Grenada'da bulunan evsahibim ulkesinin bayraginin yer aldigi tshirt'u getirmis hediye alarak. ;) #grenada

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